Pet Exams in Orlando

Pet Wellness Exams

Many people wish their pets can live as long as they do. Although we can’t make that happen, what we CAN do is help them live healthy lives with preventive care in the form of comprehensive pet wellness exams. Vaccinations and parasite control are equally important and are usually updated during the wellness visits, as needed. We want your four-legged friend to be around for as long as possible to chase those Frisbees and keep your lap warm, just as much as you do. With pet exams and preventive care at Kirkman Animal Hospital, we can help make that happen.

About Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

We typically recommend pet wellness exams once a year for dogs and cats under 7 years old and twice a year for pets over 7. These visits allow us to establish a relationship with you and your pet and to establish a baseline for health to be used for future visits. During the exam, we’ll check your pet from nose to tail to see if there are any areas that need to be treated. We can then administer treatment or make a recommendation for a more comprehensive diagnosis in the form of X-rays or laboratory testing. If you have any concerns about your pet’s diet, behavior, or anything else, please feel free to let us know during this visit. After all, no one knows your pet more than you do.

Additional Pet Wellness Services

The comprehensive wellness exam is typically the minimum recommendation we make to keep pets healthy, but we offer several other preventive services as well that can help. Some of these services include:

  • Vaccinations (to protect your pet from diseases and viruses)
  • Parasite control (to protect against potentially fatal parasitic diseases like heartworm)
  • Spaying/neutering (to prevent testicular cancer in males and mammary tumors in females)
  • Dentistry (to prevent gum disease and keep your pet’s mouth healthy)
  • Grooming (to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy)

Give us a call at (407) 900-2097 to schedule your pet’s exam in Orlando today, so they can live a long, happy, healthy life!