Pet Grooming in Orlando

Pet Grooming in Orlando

Has your pet’s coat seen better days, or are you tired of excessive shedding around your home? Did you know that the quality of a pet’s coat can serve as an indicator of the pet’s overall wellness? At Kirkman Animal Hospital, we recommend that you groom your pet on a regular basis, and we’re pleased to offer full-service, professional pet grooming in Orlando. Our professional groomer can handle anything from a basic hair or nail trim to a full bath and makeover. With our grooming services, we can have your pet looking, feeling, and smelling better than ever!

About Our Pet Grooming Services

Our full-service pet grooming services in Orlando include:

  • Bathing and bow drying
  • Eye and ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Brush out
  • Breed-specific hair cuts
  • Anal gland expression
  • Flea/tick control
  • Dematting

We take pride in improving the health of our canine and feline companions with our professional grooming services. After all, pets are family, so they deserve nothing less than quality care with every service we provide.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Having your pet professionally groomed on a regular basis can provide a number of benefits for your pet and for you, including:

  • Certain skin conditions (dermatitis, hot spots, etc.) and parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.) can be detected and treated*
  • Excessive shedding around the home can be reduced
  • Your pet’s coat and skin can be made clean, healthy, and nourished
  • Odors, knots, and matted fur can be eliminated
  • Your pet’s nails/claws can be cut to a healthy length, eliminating any pain or discomfort caused from curling, etc.
  • Contributes to human-animal bonding (when performed at home)

*If necessary, we can recommend a dermatology exam and a laboratory test to determine if your pet has an allergy or other skin infection.

Let us pamper your four-legged friend with one of our pet grooming services in Orlando. Call us at (407) 900-2097 to schedule an appointment. Your pet will thank you for it!