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Low-Cost Spaying and Neutering in Orlando

You probably already know what spaying and neutering are, but are you aware of the many benefits of these surgeries? Having your pet spayed/neutered can actually prevent certain health problems from developing. That’s why we recommend these procedures for your dogs and cats, if you don’t plan to use them for breeding. To ensure more pets benefit from them, we offer low-cost spaying and neutering here in Orlando at Kirkman Animal Hospital. Consider the following list of FAQs to learn more about these surgical procedures.

How Old Does My Pet Have to Be to Be Spayed/Neutered?

The exact age varies and is dependent on breed, but generally, we recommend that all dogs and cats be spayed/neutered at around 4-6 months of age. However, some pets can be spayed/neutered as young as 8 weeks. We can let you know what we recommend for your pet during your pet’s next visit.

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

Spaying/neutering your pet can lower the overpopulation of pets and the number of unwanted pets that are euthanized, but it can provide many health benefits as well, including:

  • Reduced desire to roam
  • Reduced or eliminated risk for testicular cancer and incidence of prostate disease (males)
  • Elimination of heat cycles (females)
  • Reduced or eliminated risk for mammary gland tumors, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer (females)
  • Reduction or elimination of spraying and marking (males)
  • Decrease in aggressive behavior (males)

Will My Pet Gain Weight After She’s Spayed?

Contrary to popular belief, pets do not gain weight as a direct result of being spayed. Just be sure you’re feeding her a healthy diet and that she exercises regularly.

How Much Is It to Spay/Neuter My Pet?

We proudly offer low-cost spaying/neutering for pets in and around Orlando. Give us a call at (407) 900-2097 for the exact price for YOUR specific pet.

What Can I Expect After My Pet’s Spay/Neuter Procedure?

Your pet will likely be a little lethargic for about 18-24 hours after the surgery, which is normal. We recommend that you keep your pet in a comfortable, secluded area, away from other pets or young children. Your pet may also have poor balance, so be sure he/she doesn’t have access to any stairs if he/she will be unattended.

Pet Spay and Neuter in Orlando